IO.T Solutions

IO.T Solutions develops technologies to convert spaces so that they are connected and at the full service of organisations, with access control and bookings, service management, data analysis and resource optimisation.

IO.T Solutions believes in a technology that simplifies and effectively solves problems so as to improve comfort in the workplace, optimise building management, and reduce consumption. This is why its solutions are designed to be turnkey and allow for the logical, connected and immediate management of spaces, automation systems, personnel and services.

IO.T Solutions

DINA – Connecting Spaces.

IO.T Solutions has developed the DINA-Connecting Spaces multi-protocol software platform that integrates user profiling, the booking of workstations and meeting rooms, access control, service activation and automation control, as well as data analysis and the management of people within spaces.

Digital Transformation Guide.

IO.T Solutions is an innovative firm within a consolidated group, its activity centred around project management, product innovation, creativity and design in order to support companies in their Digital Transformation processes.

IO.T Solutions
IO.T Solutions

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IO.T Solutions is the Tecno Group company dedicated to the development of technological solutions and software for smart buildings and the digitalisation of spaces. Products and services offered by IO.T Solutions allow for the complete digital management of every connected resource, encouraging sharing, flexibility and the optimisation of consumption.

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